A Great Day to be an A’s Fan!

There are two truths about the Oakland A’s right now:

1.) The games are NEVER boring
2.) You can NEVER underestimate the team in the bottom of the 9th

We saw both of these factors at play in today’s exciting game against the Baltimore Orioles. What a fantastic win for the team: a dramatic, walk-off finish, their 3rd win in row, a win in the series over the Orioles and a great showing for A’s longtime broadcaster, Roy Steele.

Going into Game 3 against the men from Baltimore, we knew it’d be a special one for the sheer fact that today was Roy Steele’s day at the ballpark. He’s been the team’s broadcaster since the A’s arrived in Oakland back in 1968. If you’ve been to any game since, you can hear why John Miller complimented Roy as having the “Voice of God.” The nickname has stuck around and so has Roy, earning himself the first ever bobblehead for a PA Announcer. Quite a distinction!

Roy Steel Bobblehead #1Roy Steel Bobblehead #2

Roy kicked off the game by throwing out the first pitch to Chester Farrow, a long-time friend and fellow employee in Diamond Vision. From then on out, he and Dick Callahan announced the rest of the game. The A’s sure are fortunate to have two dynamite voices backing them up!

Roy’s presence must have brought the team some luck, as they pulled from behind and eeked out a fantastic win in the bottom of the 9th. Go Ryan Sweeney! Seven home games, three walk-off wins!

Coming tomorrow, a really cool piece of fan memorabilia… And finally, one last picture of Stomper and Finn, a young A’s fan enjoying the beautiful day game and another special win from the Oakland A’s!

Finn, the fan and Stomper


  1. zzsdad@earthlink.net

    On May 23rd when the Giants are in the house, a young man will be sitting in section 120 around row 32. His name is Dudley Spanger and he will be 100 and a half that weekend. He has been an A’s fan forever and is sharp as a tack. I’ll bet he can even tell you about Rollie Fingers’ perfect game. I’m also in section 120 and will be looking for you when the boys get home next week to see if you can stop by to say Hi to Dudley.

    • Kara

      Wow! Thanks so much for the heads up… I would absolutely love to meet Dudley and hear some of his stories. I’ll try to swing by your section before the end of the 1st inning to make introductions and a plan. Thanks for reading my blog and suggesting the shout out! Take care and Let’s Go Oakland! -kara

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