Highlights from the Homestand

The longest homestand of the season (10 games in 11 days) has come to a
close, but I’m proud to say that our boys in green and gold survived it
and maintained their win streak. That’s right, we’re still perched
atop the American League West with an overall record of 12-8. Great
job, guys!

From an in-game host and fan perspective, these long
homestands can be exhausting! During this one in particular, we had
rain threats, a few tough, short-turn-arounds (night games followed by
day games) and the dreaded New York Yankees in the opposing lineup. On a
positive note, we had some great giveaways and a solid fan turnout.

were a lot of great moments to capture, but here are a few photos of
our super-fans. Wear your green and gold (in the most creative ways
possible!) and you’re bound to get your mug snapped. Hey, you might
just end up on my blog!!

Thumbnail image for Oakland A's wrestlersThumbnail image for Fans and the Herd

These two teenagers in the lucha libre
masks are some of my favorite fans to run into, game after game. In this
particular photo, I challenged them to pose for Diamond Vision in order
to rally the crowd in the middle of the 8th inning of a Yankees game.
Don’t worry, they were rewarded nicely with tickets to an Indians’
game! In the photo on the right, the Herd and I ran into these
well-dressed fans from Fremont during the Indians series. What a great
idea for a double date!

Thumbnail image for Fan in purple wigKara and fan

Wigs: love them. Cheers to our fan from Reno in the purple wig and sweet Karen, a long-time A’s fan with a green and gold wardrobe to die for. Love the enthusiasm, fans!!

Lady A's fans and their crocheted flowersAnd speaking of creative head gear, I absolutely adore these lady A’s fans and their darling crocheted flower accessories. The gal on the right has the nimble fingers and has whipped up a whole bouquet for friends and other fans over the years. What a great seasonal and feminine touch to bring the ballpark!

Kara and Moo Moo EvansThese next photos represent some favorite memories of mine from the homestand. Moo Moo Evans from the Harlem Globetrotters was in attendance to throw out the first pitch (which he did while spinning the basketball on one finger in the other hand!) and to promote his team’s upcoming games in the Bay Area. Not only was he super sweet and great with kids, but while I was interviewing him live on Diamond Vision, he put the spinning ball atop my finger. I’m so not a basketball player, but this was a cool sensation! I love how this picture captures the spinning ball and my excitement! Thanks, Moo Moo!

Kara and Little LeaguersWe ended the homestand with our first Little League day of the year. Any event that brings out our younger A’s fans is a favorite with me. I love the energy, enthusiasm and pure noise they bring to the Coliseum. During that game, I was in charge of kicking off the 7th inning stretch, so decided to recruit some kids to help me out. 3 kids quickly turned to 30, and before I knew it, I was mobbed. One little boy even asked if he could sit in my lap to get a better view! (I said yes!)

Finally, I’ll end this blog entry with a shot from Sunday’s spectacular win against the Indians (11-0). It’s hard to believe, but over the three days playing the guys from Cleveland, we outscored them 22-6. Hopefully those kinds of numbers will give the team some momentum to take on the Rays and Blue Jays while they’re on the road. Fans, can’t wait to see you in the stands for the next homestand!

Oakland A's celebrate a win 

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