Fans, we need YOU!

Game attendance has been a hot topic of conversation at the Coliseum
these days. All I’m going to say is we need you, the fans, to show up!
This is exciting, high-energy, family-friendly baseball, so why
wouldn’t you want to make an evening or day out of it? Did I mention
the team is in first place in the AL West?!

Out last 3-game
series against the Texas Rangers fell on the most challenging days of
the week from an attendance standpoint: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
I know it can be hard to motivate to the ballpark in the early parts of
the week in chilly Spring weather, so that’s why I have serious
appreciation for these fans in the pictures below:

Thumbnail image for The fan in spandexLet’s start with this guy, Spandex Man. If you were at the game on
Tuesday, May 4 or watched the broadcast, it would be impossible not to
have noticed this fan. Of course, I had to talk to him. He’s a sweet
kid who was **so** excited to wear his newly purchased one-piece
spandex suit. You gotta love how it shows off his every curve (thank goodness he’s wearing shorts!). He and his buddy played “Name that
Tune” and won, so get ready to see the duo back at a future A’s game.
Great enthusiasm, guys!

Below, we have more subtle displays of
A’s love. Paul and Heather’s gold socks were easy to spot in the crowd,
and I knew they’d be a great interview. When you’re dressing for an A’s
game, I think it’s OK to break all                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thumbnail image for Fans with gold socksThumbnail image for Oakland A's tattoo 
fashion rules, especially the one
that says couples shouldn’t dress alike! We spotted Janelle, to
the right, because of her D-I-Y, A’s style. Love the scarf and customized A’s t-shirt. Even better, she was sporting a pretty serious A’s tattoo in honor of her late father, a diehard A’s fan and the one who introduced her to baseball.

Thumbnail image for 5 year old A's fans!These three cuties win the award for most adorable fans. Aaron, Charlie and Kai were fun to spend an inning with; I hope their fathers forgive me for giving them sugar in the form of Drumstick ice-cream cones at 9pm!

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