Starring You: the A’s Number One Fan

Moneyball CoverSince we’re taking a small break from baseball, I’m going to use this time to chat up my latest baseball-related obsession: Moneyball, the movie.

Yes, that’s the book about how Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane built a winning team in the early 2000s based on numbers…the statistics kind, not the dollar sign kind.

And yes, that’s the movie based on Michael Lewis’ book that will start filming at the Oakland Coliseum later this month. The best part? You can play…yourself!! The A’s number one fan!

The easiest way to sign up to be a “Moneyball” extra is to go through this website: You can also try calling their hotline from 10AM – 4PM PST for more information: (818) 985-8811. Since the movie is trying to recreate the A’s 20-game win streak in 2002, shooting times are late at night. Really late. For example, 10:30PM to 5:30AM. Hopefully the free snacks and hopes of Brad Pitt sightings will make a long night go faster.

Moneyball, the movieSo about that Mr. Pitt… He’s slated to play Billy Beane and rumor has it, has attended several A’s games over the last month to do research on the team, the stadium and the overall vibe of the organization. No word on Angelina sightings… Also cast is Philip Seymour Hoffman to play manager Art Howe and Jonah Hill to play Paul DePodesta, Billy Beane’s assistant.

The castings that really took me by surprise, however, are Scott Hatteberg (photo below left) and David Justice (photo below right) playing themselves. And why shouldn’t they?! Both were definitely stars of that 2002 team.

Scott HattebergDavid Justice in Moneyball

In my opinion, all of the raw elements are here for a great movie: a great book for inspiration, talented actors, and just an overall, feel-good story about an under-appreciated team. Come on out and join the fun…and let’s hope the experience adds up to a positive public relations campaign for the A’s. See you there!

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