Dog Days of Summer

Dog Day 2009 #1

Get ready A’s fans for one of the most entertaining games of the year: Dog Day at the Coliseum. This Friday, July 23, the A’s welcome their fans of the four-legged variety to enjoy an evening of pre-game fun, the chance to socialize with their fellow canines and of course, great baseball on the field.

But fans, don’t delay buying your tickets!! You have until Monday to purchase your seats for you and your pet. Click this link to be redirected to the A’s ticketing page.

As an animal lover, Dog Day is easily one of my favorite games of the year. The event kicks off with a pre-game costume contest that is beyond adorable. One of the most memorable from last year was a pup dressed in fishing gear, pretending to be his version of a “Catfish Hunter.” Cute, clever and A’s related.

Dog Day 2009 #5After the contest, it’s on to the pup parade, where dogs and their owners get to circle the warning track. So many smells! So many new friends in meet! Once the game starts, I spend every inning break with the dogs in the Plaza Reserved section (the second deck in the outfield, above the bleachers). It’s endlessly entertaining to visit with the dogs of all breeds and sizes, trying to find the most unusual or the best tricks to show on camera. It also puts a smile on my face to hear the bark of the dogs in a quiet lull during the game; definitely a different noise in the typical soundtrack of a baseball game!

Here’s a schedule of events for the not-to-be-missed 2010 Dog Day, Friday, July 23:

5:30 – 6:15   Pre-Game “Pup Rally”
6:20 – 6:35   Pup Parade on the field
7:05             Dogs take their seats, A’s take the field

Dog Day 2009 #3Dog Day 2009 #4Dog Day 2009 #2

Oh — and to answer a question I get a lot, YES, the Coliseum does hire extra help on Dog Day to keep the stands and field pristine…if you know what I mean.

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