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If They’re Going to Beat the Pants Off Us…

…they might as well be A’s pants

Kara and Carrie and A's jeansA's jeans pocket detail

Yeah, yeah, we got our butts kicked by the team in pinstripes. A sweep, no less. It stinks.

But hey, if they’re going to beat the pants off us, we might as well be wearing some cute pants…and let that be a segue for promoting the coolest jeans in baseball: the A’s jeans. I wear mine every homestand because they are so comfortable and so awesome. And every time I do, fans ask where I got them…

Well, here’s the scoop:

Alyssa Milano (of “Who’s the Boss” fame) designed these jeans for the A’s and other MLB teams (she had a thing for ballplayers, if you’re not up to date on who’s who of players’ girlfriends). Anyway, she did a great job. They’re comfortable, durable and have the A’s insignia on both rear pockets and on the mini fifth pocket on the front right.

Here’s the best part: they’re still for sale and they only cost $30. I know, amazing deal!!! You can find them at the team’s “Value Stand” behind the Left Field Bleachers. And while you’re there, be sure to check out all the other great A’s merchandise on deep discount.

A's Value Stand #3A's Value Stand #1

Top left photo credit: Francis, a long-time, diehard fan and husband to
Carrie, the gal in the photo with me. She’s the one who found the jeans
first and tipped me off to them last season. Thanks again, Carrie!