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Go Green (and Gold) !!

Hey A’s fans, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! None of you have an excuse for
getting pinched today since I know your closets are filled with green
(and gold) clothes! Really, this is the perfect holiday for A’s fans.
In case you find yourself shamrock-deficient or would like to spice up
your wardrobe with more cute Oakland A’s gear, check out this video for some ideas.
And even better, if you’re at the Phoenix Muni right now for Spring
Training, you have to visit the team store — there’s a great display
of A’s / St. Patty’s gear on sale.

Here are some fun behind-the-scenes photos from our St. Patty’s day gear shoot down in AZ:

St. Patty's day shoot
Feeling Lucky T-shirt shoot

Let’s Go Oakland! Beat the Giant’s today… and fans, have a great St. Patrick’s Day holiday.