Spring Training, Minus the Baseball…

While driving to breakfast this morning, we heard on the radio that
there was a 100% chance of rain in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, and as
if on cue, the drops started hitting the windshield. By game time,
Phoenix felt like Portland and Scottsdale more like Seattle: it was
cold and pouring! No baseball today. So, what to do?
Here’s a short list of favorites that I can vouch for, whether for a
rainy day or before or after a ballgame.

Thumbnail image for Camelback SummitThumbnail image for View from Camelback MountainTO DO:

  • Hike Camelback Mountain. This is definitely not an activity for a rainy day, but at only 2700 feet tall, this hike makes for a great workout either before or after a ballgame. Plan on three hours roundtrip to tackle the steep sections while still admiring the killer views of the city. It may be hard to miss this looming peak, straddling the border between Phoenix and Scottsdale, but it can be a bit tricky to find the parking areas for the trailheads. This website, PhoenixASAP, has some good directions and descriptions of the routes. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and bring bottled water!

Thumbnail image for KT at FLW

  • Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. If you have even a fleeting interest in architecture or design, you will delight in exploring FLW’s winter home and school of architecture. A 90-minute tour takes you around the grounds and inside this spectacular structure.

  • Shop. Ok, that’s pretty obvious in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, but if you’re looking for some great deals, I have to recommend Last Chance. There are only two of these stores in the entire country, Phoenix and Miami, and believe it or not, they’re part
    of the Nordstrom family. Basically, where clothes and shoes that don’t
    sell at Nordstrom Rack go to die. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all
    garbage! I stocked up on great summer tank-tops for $1 each and a
    stunning pair of Diane Von Furstenberg heels for a fraction of the
    price. Expect a mess, avoid the weekends and bring some patience.

  • First Friday
  • Explore the Phoenix art scene. In past years, anything arty or related
    to art may not have even crossed your mind when planning your Spring
    Training itinerary. But that’s precisely why now’s the time and so
    worth checking out! From more formal, established venues like the Phoenix Art Museum
    and the countless galleries in Scottsdale to more up-and-coming spots
    and street murals on Roosevelt Street, there’s a wide variety of styles
    to suit all tastes. If you get lucky and your visit coincides with one
    of the many free events like First Friday or Art Detour, be sure to go and you’ll be in for a local treat.

this is my first Spring Training, and I’ve only been in town a week,
this list is far from complete. I want to hear from you! In the
comments section, let me know your ideas for spending a free day. Coming up next, my list of must-visit Phoenix-Scottsdale restaurants.

One comment

  1. bigideas

    Fun and informative. I would have headed straight for a bar. When I think of ST, thats all I can think of to do and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It doesn’t help my friends are in the same frame of mind.


    The Three Bs


    The next time a game is rained out (hopefully never) check this out. It’ll help pass a few minutes.

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