We Heart Tuesdays

Tuesday. It’s a day of the week that sort of gets lost in the middle. It doesn’t get the cheeky moniker like Wednesday “Hump Day,” nor is it a precursor to Friday. Yup, Tuesdays can be pretty ordinary…unless you’re an A’s fan!

Here’s why:  During select Tuesday home games this year (and there will be close to a dozen of them), Chevy is presenting FREE PARKING in the Coliseum lot. That’s a savings of almost $20…and admit it, sometimes parking is the make-it-or-break-it factor when deciding to go to a game. 

The deal gets even better for Chevy drivers. Bring your keys to the box office and you’ll score a nice savings on Field Level tickets.

Thumbnail image for Kara's tailgateHere’s a video that explains a bit more. 

And here’s a photo from my birthday tailgate last August to show how fun the Oakland Coliseum parking lot can be for a party! Green and yellow balloons, flowers and yummy treats was the best way to kick off the pre-game celebration!

Whether for the Mariners, Angels or Rangers, we’ll see you out here at the Coliseum for free parking, a sweet tailgate and of course, and A’s win!!

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