Battle of the Beats

With our rivals from across the Bay coming into town, we thought it’d
be a perfect night to host an A’s fan vs. Giants fan dance-off. Big
bragging rights are at stake!!

The dance-off is, without a doubt, one of my favorite contests to host — and watch — in the Coliseum. But really, who doesn’t love a dance-off?!  It’s a win-win situation for the spectators: if the fan is horrible (which more often seems the case), it’s at least amusing, but if someone has sweet moves, it’s hard to take your eyes away.

From an entertainment and skill level standpoint, the last Coliseum dance-off sure is going to be hard to beat. We put a hot, young kid up against Howard the “Crazylegs,” a stadium kettlecorn vendor (you know who I’m talking about — the older gentleman who shakes his hips and swings his legs any chance he gets). The kid danced first, and wow, did this guy have some slick moves!  He would have won handily in any other circumstance. Crazylegs was up next…and absolutely killed it. The crowd went wild!

Vendor dance-off #1Vendor dance-off #3Vendor dance-off #2
Vendor dance-off #4Vendor dance-off #6Vendor dance-off #5
Vendor dance-off #7Vendor dance-off #9Vendor dance-off #8
Vendor dance-off #10Vendor dance-off #12Vendor dance-off #11I just love the kid’s expression on his face as his watches Crazylegs dance. I don’t know what he was expecting, but certainly not that! Also, a big thank you to Matt from Stomper’s Herd for taking these great photos.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to shake it on stage in front of a crowd of thousands, then send me a message and let’s put your skills to the test.

Fans, see you at the game tonight — and as always, Let’s Go Oakland! 


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